VCC Janitorial Supply in Shreveport, LouisianaVCC Janitorial Supply in Shreveport, Louisiana

Company History


Originally located on the corner of Benton and Texas Street, VCC got its name, the Vacuum Cleaner Clinic, by just selling and repairing vacuum cleaners. With only three employees, Hill then decided that he wasn’t content with just vacuums, which is how “janitorial supplies” became part of the name. Cleaning is not done with just a vacuum cleaner; it’s done with cleaning supplies. So now, over 30 years later VCC moved to E. Texas Street and now provides North Louisiana with the cleaning supplies needed to keep the area in top shape.  With a staff of 25 people, VCC continues to keep their trained employees up to date with the changes in the JanSan industry.  Offering paper, chemicals, liners, cleaning and equipment, our staff extends their knowledge out to you and your staff by offering hands on, certified training programs. Our showroom also offers a hands-on experience from the moment you step in to the room. From the clean smell, shiny floors, and welcoming greeting, we set the example of what we want your customers to experience when they walk into your facility.



VCC Janitorial Supply Managers



At the age of 17, Randy Hill, in order to get through college, worked at his Uncle’s business fixing and selling vacuum cleaners. It was also at this age that Randy had a vision that showed him a bigger VCC. He saw that customers not only needed a place to buy or repair their vacuum cleaners, but they also needed someone to meet all their janitorial supply needs. “We offer them solutions that will save them money. Instead of looking at it from a salesman’s perspective,we look at things from a customer’s perspective. This separates us form our competition. We are in it for the long haul,” says Randy Hill.

Chief Operating Officer


When it comes to the JanSan industry, Tim Tison, COO, is no amateur. He has seen the trends. The up’s and down’s of the industry as well as the coming and going’s of products and companies. These trends and fluctuations in the industry are what makes him the COO he is today. “I do a lot of reading. I look to see what’s being forecast-ed to see where we need to be,” says Tison. Inventory, staff and personnel budgeting, and dealing with a lot of numbers are what Tim is responsible for on a day-to-day basis. So why did Tison choose VCC? In 2004 after several meetings with larger companies, Tison decided that Randy’s commitment to growth and his believe to treat customers right are the reasons why he chose VCC. “To work in a smaller group, to grow in the right way, and to strive to insure the best possible experience for our customers is what it should be about.”

Service & Repair Manager


One of the few people that have been around from the beginning is Tony Brooks our Service and Repair Manager, but also our Equipment Specialist. Tony has been with VCC for over 30 years. He has had the privilege of growing with Hill family. “I’ve been around since Randy’s babies were real little,” says Brooks. He makes his rounds to some of our local customers making visits to check on their equipment as well as training our customer’s staff on the proper maintenance program to help them keep their equipment in good condition. “VCC has been a huge part of my life…I couldn’t ask for a better family to be a part of.”


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